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About Opava

The city of Opava is situated at the confluence of the Silesian rivers Opava and Moravice. The earliest written record of the existence of Opava dates back to 1195, to the days when it was a crossroad of trade routes. But it was only by a decree, issued by King Přemysl I in 1224, that it received recognition as a town. It flourished as a place where people were busy trading, farming and practising crafts. Two market places were established in the centre of the town. Opava as part of the Czech crown lands became the centre of the Opava region’s princedom. In 1742 after Austria lost the war of their “inheritance” against Prussia, Opava became the capital of so-called Austria-Silesia and simultaneously the seat of the authorities that administered of the land on behalf of the rulers. In 1820 the most prominent European monarchs and diplomats of the time convened here at the “Opava Congress”. At the end of World War II Opava suffered dire losses during the so-called Ostrava Operation. A considerable section of the town was destroyed. Nevertheless a number of cultural and historical memorials remained intact. The Minorite monastery and church of the Holy Spirit, built before 1269, are among the earliest memorials, which have been preserved and dean’s church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary. Then there are some significant technical sights worth seeing such as the fortifications – a unique military stronghold built before World War II. The fortress in Opava – Milostovice is open to the public.

More ( http://www.opava-city.cz/english/ )

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